Annual Service Contracts

Annual Service Contracts – For a company the service will be done in a contract base and we will not replace the components if it gets repaired.

  • Service contracts are usually extremely profitable for the security contractor and provide a predictable revenue stream.
  • Security contracts often "bundle" the cost of system maintenance along with the costs of system monitoring and inspections. It is difficult to see what you are paying for. Request that the security contractor provide an itemized breakdown of the costs of maintenance, monitoring, inspections and other related services.
  • Security contractors often attempt to sell you a service contract effective on the date that installation of the system is completed. You should never have to pay for a service contract for the first year.
  • If you are paying for maintenance on a time and materials basis, be sure that you are not paying for something that should be covered by warranty. The best protection against this is to obtain copies of all manufacturers warranties prior to making final payment for the system installation.
  • We have full fledged after sales department. Headed by one of the trained staff of the organization. We have huge inventory of the spares, we are sure that will minimize your down time to great extent. Our teams of support engineers are always on alert to solve your problem irrelevant of Software or Hardware.
  • After long discussions with different groups of users, we have designed different packages for Maintenance.