Facilities Management Services

A well-implemented facilities management system will help companies reduce the costs of maintaining their facilities, improve the flow of information across departments, and boost operational efficiencies.

Facilities management companies generally charge a fixed annual amount to maintain a data center, then add fees based on processing volume. An in-house operation entails a large fixed cost; with facilities management, data processing became a variable cost. Data processing costs increase when the company's business activities increase and decrease when business slows. This pricing schedule allows more efficient use of the company's funds.

Facilities management companies generally began by specializing in one field of business, such as banking, health care, or government agencies. They developed an expertise in the particular needs of that industry and drew new customers from within that niche. The division between companies providing facilities management to commercial customers and those catering to the government was especially strong..

Many companies saw advantages in open architectures that incorporated client/server computing and local area networks (LANs), but did not have the expertise to design new systems for themselves and coordinate the shift from the old system to the new. Transformational outsourcing placed the responsibility on others' shoulders. An IT company agreed to take over the client's existing system, design a new one, and handle all operations during the transition, be it gradual or abrupt. Such a contract involved facilities management, systems integration, and perhaps off-site data processing and other services.

Highlights of our Role

  • Operations Management
  • Computer Operations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service/Telecommunications
  • Correcting System Failures
  • Magnetic Media Maintenance & Control
  • User Assistance/Software Support
  • Security/Safety
  • Production Control
  • Data Transcription
  • Network Control Center Operation
  • Tape Maintenance/Management
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Training
  • Reporting